MAMBA is an action packed film created and written by award winning actress/writer/producer/Director/filmmaker  Sonalii Castillo.  



Sonalii Castillo has not only graced your screens for over a decade and collected some notable credits working alongside some A Lister celebrities, but she is also an award winning Director.  Her first film ‘Dahlias: Wild Card’ was screened at the ‘Knickerbocker Film Festival’ where she won an award for ‘Best Direction of a Film’.  Dahlias went on to also be screened at the ‘Dominican Film Festival’ and proceeded to be screened in the Dominican Republic at the ‘Festival Cine de Cine Global Dominicano’.  In 2016, Sonalii created a web-series titled ‘Voodoo Vanessa’.  This series has quickly grabbed the hearts of its viewers and is currently screening in multiple film festivals.   She also produced Annie Get Your Gun (2014) and Katrina: Weapon of Beauty (2012)


2018 is proving to be an exciting year for Sonalii.  As an actress Sonalii booked a recurring role in this summer’s most anticipated show titled ‘The Outpost’ as Nomadic Warrior Essa Khan.  


As a filmmaker she created, wrote the screenplay, produced and is the Lead Actress in ‘MAMBA’,  which has been screening in multiple countries and states across the US.  MAMBA has won seven Awards for Best Short film, Best Action Film, Best Action Thriller & Best Actress for Sonalii.  She was also nominated three times for best actress with one win. 


'Her loss will be their pain!'


The character of ‘Kali’, her story, has been a part of me for over twelve years.  As an actress, a writer, a filmmaker, having your work received in such an amazing way and recognized by your peers, is the most beautiful and amazing compliment .  As a woman, that is such a triumph for me especially in the action industry which has been dominated mostly by men for so long.  I have always been a fan of action films and I have wanted to tell my stories and share my vision for years.  This is the perfect time and I am honored to have such amazing talents coming on board with me to do just that.  I am lucky that Sam Puefua has such faith in what I am trying to create.  And together, we brought MAMBA to life.  Now, I can move onto the full feature with excitement knowing that the world is finally ready for her and will receive her with open arms. 


~Sonalii Castillo

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