Our action packed story follows our heroine, Kali, a rogue assassin who was beaten an inch of her life and left for dead at the hands of her adoptive brother.  Having endured severe injuries, Kali undergoes several procedures leaving her with a face that is no longer her own.  Anger stemming from her own brothers betrayal is what drives her.  Her brother gave her the world only to take it away from her the moment she sought her own happiness. She lost everything.  He left her with nothing but a taste for vengeance.


Nobody knows that she has survived and is responsible for the chaos that has erupted.  Now, her lust for revenge leaves a path of destruction and confusion as she weaves her way towards payback.


Kali goes after her brothers greatest confidant, 'The Gatekeeper,'  who holds the keys to a sector of his organization that is crucial to its survival.  Kali, with the help of Sam, her most trusted friend and ally who is part of a dark government organization, aim to bring down her brothers empire and end an era of corruption and violence that has plagued for decades.  


After uncovering game-changing information, Sam finds a kill file for two assassins that have been on his radar.   There is yet another twist that will aid in the redemption of many.   Unbeknown to Kali and Sam, a third player joins in to claim what she is after.  The secrets, lies and corruption with all involved now start unravelling at gut wrenching pace and Kali’s list of enemies just keeps growing. 

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